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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of service

    1. Transport of a client vehicle is inside an enclosed trailer, this is the only type of transport vehicle provided.
    2. Access to a vehicle location for either collection or delivery is assessed by Transcar, if access is limited due to the combined length and width of our transport vehicles, Transcar reserve the right to park as close to these locations as possible and safely load/unload the client vehicle, in this case the client is responsible for delivery of the vehicle to that location.
    3. Once responsibility for a client vehicle has been taken, the vehicle is covered by our CCC (Car Custody Control) up to £3million based on a client vehicle valuation.
    4. Full walk round checks are done at each step of the transport, collection and delivery, any damage/scratches/marks/dents is reported on our collection document and is signed off with the client knowledge.  Photographs are also taken to corroberate. In the unlikely event any damage is assigned to our negligence this must be reported at the time of the transport. Once our transporter has departed the location we will not accept responsibility for any damage after the event.
    5. Transcar expedite of a transport job is considered completed once the vehicle’s front/rear wheels have left our trailer ramp. Removal of the vehicle to a location beyond this is entirely at the discretion of Transcar.
    6. Arrival times at destinations are estimates, Transcar always endevour to keep the client advised of a transport journey through mobile comunications, subject to access to the 4g network. Transcar provide a SAT NAV link so a client is aware of what stage their vehicle transport is at, this gives a better idea of arrival times as it updates according to traffic en-route.
    7. While a vehicle is in transit on our trailer, ALL four wheels/tyres are secured to the bed of the trailer to ensure the integrity and stability of our vehicles and prevent any bounce of a vehicle while in transit.
    8. The ignition key for the vehicle must accompany it, this is for unloading and security of the vehicle en-route and for access in an emergency situation. At no time can a vehicle be transported without an access key.
    9. An invoice will be issued to a client email address/mobile number a few days prior to the collection of their vehicle, payment must be made the day before transport, BACS details are on the invoice or a link for card payment can be sent to a client to complete payment with a debit/credit card.  Cash is only accepted in rare cases.
    10. Transcar reserve the right to withdraw from a transport job if payment is not made 1 day prior to the transport date.