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Transcar is run and operated by Gareth as a ‘petrol head’ and enthusiast of classic cars he is passionate about all things ‘Cars’. His first car as a spotty 17 year old was a Hillman Imp, he managed to burn out two engines in this, in those days acquiring a replacement was possible since there were a few about, these days of course the same cannot be said, the ‘Imp’ being a rare classic now as it is.

Over the last five years he was manager of a privately owned collection of over 40 classic and prestige performance cars, being involved in the transportation, exhibition, servicing and sale was something he enjoyed immensley as well as meeting fellow ‘petrol heads’ and talking ‘cars’. Through this he was aware of what mattered when it came to transporting a cherished and valuable vehicle and the seed was sown for Transcar Logistics.

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